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Either way it just goes to show that the visa laws and processes are very confusing. A few weeks after my original letter a girl told me she had found the article very useful and had got her application under way sooner.

This was why I wrote my letter, it was not for a whinge; as interpreted by the woman whose response was made letter of the week.

So thanks TNT, but please leave the hillbilly responses out. Name withheld, via tntmagazine. The worst thing about the old South Africa was its restrictions on free speech, and there is no excuse for the new South Africa to follow suit.

Why are people always staring down at their mobile phones, blackberries and iPods? Is it a ploy to avoid human contact and communication?

My advice to all of you who do this: There is simply no device or site that can replace that connection. Tim Baros, via email. Again, if Australia had won, can anyone imagine a similar phrase appearing in an Aussie paper describing Michael Clark?

One of my mates did the same thing herself here a few years ago, but luckily she was fine — if a little nauseous.

Maybe British slugs are as equally impotent as their useless sporting teams. It does make me wonder if, really, there comes a point when the famed Aussie bravado.

Letters may be edited. Prize is not transferable. Your Say is a reader forum and does not represent the opinions of TNT or its staff.

Water filter company Brita is recruiting members of the public to join an expedition this September to provide drinking water and sanitation in the village of Rampur.

Police are not treating his death as suspicious, but are appealing for anyone who might have seen Sleigh in the early hours of May 8, particularly around Hungerford Bridge, near Embankment.

See webpage for terms and conditions. Winners will be selected at random. The prize includes accommodation at the.

Merrion Hotel in Leeds, plus dinner with wine. Enter online at tntmagazine. Six tickets to see Adam Gilchrist play at Lords: Trusted Shipping and Removals Moving home?

More stuff than you imagined? The sustainable development, designed by world renowned architect Renzo Piano, is clad with ceramic tiles in bold shades.

But with so many windows, surely cleaning them all is a never ending task? Hosted at the Old Naval College near the Cutty Sark, this annual festival celebrates more than beers, real ales and ciders from the best British breweries, spread over five days.

Beer and live jazz on the banks of the Thames. Not much of a hard sell required, really. They tend to be outside, just off high.

You can sample the best curries of the area at Vibe Bar on May Soak up the sun in our spacious beer garden and enjoy our Elk summer specials Great for big kids.

Eventually, 13 robbers were caught and tried. He was imprisoned, but was paroled in due to his failing health.

He turns 81 in August. Then a door suddenly slammed so powerfully that we felt the tremor. Before a kitchen fire tore through the popular riverside pub last year there were plenty more, says publican Garry Wood, who interacts with his spirited friends.

Thompson often penned his prose in the pub, said to be the last place he drank before dying of hypothermia on his way to Kew across the river.

Wearing a top hat and a big black cape, Thompson has been known to turn the gas fires on and move objects about. He is such a fixture that regular punters barely flinch at the sight of him.

Ask the ghost to move a small object, such as paper. They were people once, and people can be full of shit. Sip cocktails while soaking up old school classics - Lionel Richie was heard more than once.

This place is geared towards large parties;. Melt butter and leave aside. In a large mixing bowl, combine ground almonds, sugar, raisins, cinnamon and baking powder.

Add zest and juice of lemons to mixture. Peel apple and grate — add to mixture. Add butter, egg whites, yoghurt and combine well.

Refrigerate overnight or for at least eight hours. Grease a hold muffin tin. In a large mixing bowl, add the lemon juice, mascarpone and icing sugar.

Pipe or spoon icing over friands and allow icing to set for 30 minutes. Luckily, London boasts some bloody fantastic independent cafes, of which the Antipodeanowned Kaffeine in Fitzrovia is an absolute corker.

Peter Dore-Smith and team turn out perfect flat whites every time, and even have a selection of our favourite Aussie and Kiwi treats on offer.

Talk about a nice guy. THE GRUB Get stuck in to a full rack of baby back ribs — but not before the super friendly staff have kitted you out with a plastic bib.

Ladylike this place is not. PLUS for another chance to win, log on to tntmagazine. To use this code, Register on our website, www.

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Aussie actress Naomi Watts has snapped up the role of Marilyn Monroe in a new biopic about the Hollywood icon. Now, which of the two blondes will pull off the best rendition of Happy Birthday Mr President, we wonder?

Andre is keen to crack the US market Rusty now backs claims that Robin was from Yorkshire — take that Nottingham!

But Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is not so keen. The former wife of Nelson Mandela is to be played by Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson, with filming of the movie, Winnie, set to begin on May Controversy has often surrounded MadikizelaMandela.

Not so flattering are her kidnapping, fraud and theft charges. We all have a bit of baggage to carry, but some have a truckload of the stuff ….

But pigs, not so much. Presenter Paul Henry talks about his emotional return to Bristol. By entering, you can also win awesome prizes including a tour of Europe for two people plus bar tabs at The Chatsworth in Acton.

Post the completed Claim pack to 1st Contact; including the following documentation: Your dedicated Caseworker will provide you with regular updates about your claim.

Your personal claim will depend on your individual circumstances. Wish you could combine work with travel? You were nominated for a Grammy in for your album, Reflections.

What was that like? It was a great honour, especially since it was the first time they even had a Grammy for electronic music. Did you go to the ceremony?

This is when I realised I was sitting in the middle of U2. You got into dance music by listening to west Berlin radio while growing up in communist east Berlin.

Did anyone ever sneak records over the wall for you? Old people were allowed to travel because the communistic system thought: So when my grandma travelled to the west, she bought a record that I told her to get for me.

My very first record was Organisation by a band called OMD, and for whatever reason my grandmother got a seven-inch as a gift because she bought the album.

It was a-ha, Take On Me. Your grandma sounds quite cool. Were there any illegal dance parties in east Berlin? It was definitely not an official party, more like an illegal house party.

What else are you working on? I am quite far through already so when you see the London show, you will hear all of the new stuff. Who would play you in a film of your life?

Probably Nicolas Cage as people always say there is some sort of similarity in looks. Fortunately directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza — the team behind the excellent shoestring zombie film [REC] — stick closely to what worked first time round in this nerve-jangling followup.

Set mere moments after the original ends, [REC ] 2 sees a government scientist Mellor and four SWAT members work their way through the ghoulish apartment block in Barcelona that has been quarantined after the strange, violent behaviour of those who live there.

Their mission is to find the host that has caused the outbreak, get a blood sample and get out. Those with good bladder control. Funnyman Clement, whose star keeps rising, will play alien Yaz, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Those in the mood for an unpretentious, frequently hilarious film with retina-scorching explosions will eat this up. Those who like subtle, no frills comedy.

Sam Worthington is to develop his off-screen skills when he both stars and produces the science fiction flick Quatermain. Worthington will join Alfred Gough and Miles Millar in producing the movie.

For a chance to win two tickets from Vue email answers to grabs tntmagazine. Have you ever climbed jaro? Mount Kiliman zania and the rest Compare tours to Tan our tour of Africa in one place using com search engine bugbitten.

As such, like most of the best exhibitions, it demonstrates how social, geopolitical changes were echoed by the artists of the day.

Exhibition Throughout, though, the most eye-catching parts of the exhibition are the brilliant colours. Bright yellows and piercing blues contrast with the dowdy European portraits of the same era.

Voyeurism, Surveillance And The Camera examines the power of the lens. The world record breaking adventurer teaches us all we need to know about living wild, from how to stay in a posh hotel, er, we mean make a campfire to navigating without a map.

The best-selling travel writer sets out to uncover where history really lies by going back centuries to discover the previous occupants of his own home.

Dying from AIDS, he steps up his search to find her, but is it too late? If in doubt, call Will. So Rogers retreated, licked her wounds and phoned the Black Eyed Peas frontman.

Flesh Tone is the result. Cuts such of Celestica show that they can do the indie-electro-pop thing better than most; conversely, the likes of Birds and Doe Deer seem designed purely, simply and rather childishly to irritate.

And there are some brilliant moments on this, their debut album Sacrifice: Pity the rest of the album is a bit meh. The current record of an strong uke orchestra is held by NZ, achieved in Even after more than 20 years propelling hardcore political punk, these Californians show no sign of slowing.

Rising above it all, guitarist Fletcher Dragge steps up to the plate, inspiring perspiring circle pits and fervour among their mowhawked, inked-up fans.

The baffling array of credits make it difficult to figure out exactly who did what, but Will. A very mixed bag. Enter online for a chance to win a Topdeck day European Wonder tour for two.

Helmed by pop producer extraordinaire Greg Kurstin, it perfectly showcases her cracked, soulful voice and songwriting smarts.

Her live shows promise plenty of thrills and spills too, not least because she encourages heckling. Well yeah, if you like your blues with a side of AOR and your ballads toe curlingly icky, catch the multi-grammy winning dreamboat this week.

Her debut album will be out soon. Performing seems to be in her blood — she is the granddaughter of Sylvia Young, founder of the famous London theatre school.

Maybe the London Eye would be cool Would be quite unusual and fun! They also took home Most Popular Live Act. With second outing In Silico they moved to London and bridged the gap between rock and dance, earning them comparisons to The Prodigy, headline slots at rock festivals like Download, and a massive UK following.

And how did the guinea pigs like it? We went mad at it. More pertinently, The Prodigy kingpin Liam Howlett features on one track, Immunize; his contribution was — if you can believe the press — an olive branch to smooth over supposed rivalry between the two bands.

It could very well be the gig of the whole goddamned year. At Wembley Arena, May 28 The Sydney songstress will be back in London this Autumn to beguile us with her ethereal vocals and gorgeously melodic folk-pop tunes.

On The Park At Pizza. Babbu Maan The Punjabi singer performs his style of Bhangra. Current 93 Experimental rock with folk and industrial elements from the band centred around David Tibet.

Unkle London-based experimental electronica duo. Submit your free listing at least three weeks prior to the publication by emailing gigs pressassociation.

Forum, Jun 21 Start your bank holiday weekend with a bit of Togetherness and some A-list music making. Am will perform a rare DJ set, as Together racks up another smoking line-up.

The mighty one is joined by electro-tech dons The Glimmers and east London party faves Disco Bloodbath. Indulge in some topshelf clubbing with a nice big helping of the ear-tantalising Swedish House Mafia.

Fri, May 28 Sat, May Sat, May 29, 10pm-6am. To enter, email grabs tntmagazine. Inferno Andrew Elmore spins funk, house and dance.

Vyzor play Brazilian house and electro, plus Natema perform live. Submit your free listing at least three weeks prior to the publication by emailing clubs pressassociation.

Chew and Leo Greenslade play dub, hip-hop and electro, plus Evryone and Tinashe perform live. Notting Hill Arts Club, Notting.

Searchers confirmed that none of the 44 passengers on board the commercial airliner survived the crash.

The wreckage was spotted on Thursday by a search plane on a m mountain in the Shakar Darah district, north of Kabul.

Environment protection minister Peter Garrett announces that Bowra Station, a 14,ha bird sanctuary, will be protected with inclusion in the National Reserve System.

Despite the setback, the government was confident other assets, including EnergyAustralia and Integral Energy, would be sold by year end.

The federal government is to introduce harsher punishment for the use of illegal workers in light of poor prosecution rates. Illegal imports Heroin from Afghanistan was increasingly being smuggled into Australia, and now accounted for two-thirds of drug imports.

The Australian Crime Commission said 66 per cent of heroin imported into Australia came from Afghanistan, up from 18 per cent in , when most imports of the drug came from South-East Asia.

Changes to the Incoming Passenger card now ask anyone landing in Australia to indicate if pornography, including frisky holiday snaps or videos, are tucked away in your suitcase.

If you check the box, Customs officials will conduct a search to. Immigration minister Chris Evans announced a review into penalties facing employers, after figures showed illegal workers were caught in the nine months to March Police have raided properties in search of Agape Ministries leader Rocco Leo, who is believed to have fled to Vanuatu.

His wife of 33 years, Edna, is understood to be suffering from a serious illness. Campbell, the MP for Keira, in Wollongong, tendered his.

In a public statement, he said: The Australian Army has sent home four female troops, who were on duty in the Middle East, for getting pregnant.

Troops are forbidden from having sex with fellow soldiers while on deployment. Servicewomen are routinely provided contraceptive advice that is reinforced during the pre-deployment medical.

He failed to comply with police before they shot him in the chest. The father only discovered his motionless son after returning to the vehicle two hours later.

A year- old girl was among those given the all-clear after the horse was put down. Rapist recaptured Convicted double rapist Maka Renata was nabbed by police in Gisborne after spending three weeks on the run following a breach of his parole conditions.

Police had been worried for public safety but were initially criticised for not making it known that Renata was at large. Renata was previously released in November after serving a year sentence for two rapes — the first of which was when he was only It left Buckingham Palace in October and will have travelled through all 70 Commonwealth countries — a journey of over ,km — when it arrives at the Opening Ceremony of the XIX Games on October 3.

Police secrets stashed A senior police officer removed a bag belonging to a dying colleague and stashed it in his car, because the equipment inside was so sensitive he could not risk other police discovering it, a court has heard.

Two men are on trial for the murder of Wilkinson, who was trying to attach a bug to a suspected methamphetamine. Balibo Kiwi honoured NZ journalist Gary Cunningham, who was killed by the Indonesian army before its illegal invasion of East Timor in October , has been commemorated in a Wellington ceremony.

Cunningham was one of the Balibo Five, a group of journalists based in the town of Balibo and working for Australian television networks.

The Australian Federal Police launched a war crimes investigation into the killings in September last year. The money will be donated to Spellad, the dyslexia group that helped him when he moved to Palmerston North.

Zaoui was suspected of terrorism and imprisoned after he arrived in NZ in He had his security risk certificate withdrawn in He says they are dangerously strong.

Zaoui settled in Palmerston North a year ago and opened his mobile caravan food business in The Square last week. He auctioned off the first kebab, to be cooked on Friday, to raise the profile of his new.

Most of the investors expected him to be jailed for the charges. Two people were charged. Superannuation, all main benefits and student allowances will be lifted to offset the increase in GST.

Loopholes used by the wealthy to reduce their tax liability are being closed, and those who invest in property.

The health focus is on elective and cardiac surgery, primary care and new equipment. The education money will go into operational funding for schools, new schools, and early childhood education.

An estimated anti protesters marched through the main street, demanding aerial spraying of pesticide in the region be stopped.

The famous ground will play host to the All Blacks vs Wales on June All the income tax rates will be cut from October this year and the company tax rate from April The gains are smaller on income below that but, according to the Government, no one will be worse off.

The number of jobs that could be created during the next 10 years if South Africa focuses its efforts on renewable energy, according to a Green Economy Summit.

A fleet of high-tech armoured police vehicles, helicopters and ambulances were also unveiled. He has vowed to examine the current human settlements delivery agreement.

Chemical services company Omnia, which will build the plant, said the demand had been fuelled by the mining sector in South and southern Africa, and that fertiliser was a key to world food security.

The number of days Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto was without electricity due to a cable theft. The percentage of readiness of the Sedibeng district in Gauteng for the World Cup, according to mayor Mahole Mofokeng.

South African Premier Soccer League fans put their allegiances aside to rally behind their national team, Bafana Bafana. The fans embarked from Durban on a nationwide tour to drum up support ahead of the World Cup next month.

The amount in rand a power station was sold for by Moqhaka local municipality to Bio Energy, which was ordered by a high court to hand back the station.

The song has been banned pending the trial, which was referred by the equality court in Johannesburg after a complaint from AfriForum, which claimed it was hate speech directed at Afrikaners and farmers.

A hospital is under investigation after the deaths of six babies from diarrhoea in a new neonatal ward. The deaths follow a consensus that the ward in Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital was overcrowded.

A second hospital in Gauteng was also under scrutiny after the death of a three-month-old boy. The mother of Moosa Jacob said her son died in her arms after waiting three hours for treatment at Natalspruit Hospital.

Why is Zimbabwe safer, why is Botswana a safer country? The protest, which was part of a nationwide initiative by trade union Solidarity and.

But police Brigadier Phuntsi Chipu said crime was not as big an issue as people thought. Organisers hoped there would be further marches in at least towns and cities.

ANC focuses on community prevent factionalism within the party. New members will have to alert the ANC leadership about impending issues before they manifest into public dissent.

At least 22 pupils were injured when a bus overturned in Benoni, east of Johannesburg. They were from three different schools in the region. The cause was still unknown.

The mob beat the yearolds with sticks and a sjambok before setting them alight. Some of the people living in corrugated iron huts said they were being forced out.

Authorities denied the claim. A Joburg construction worker in his thirties died when a trench he was digging collapsed, burying him alive.

Another worker surfaced safely. The ANC has launched a campaign and membership drive in an effort to detect service delivery problems in the community before they evolve into large-scale protests.

ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu said the objective of the Imvuselelo Campaign was to build stronger branches and enable more intensive community work.

With visions of enlisting at least one million new members by its centenary in , ANC leaders hoped it would provide a vital link between frustrated community members and those at the helm, and help.

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